Enjoy in all seasons

Texel is the biggest of the islands of the Netherlands. It is divided up into 7 villages, all of them with their own character. The island is surrounded by the North Sea and the Wadden Sea. The Wadden Sea is a Unesco World Heritage . A large number of birds and sheep inhabit Texel – there are more sheep living on Texel than there are people.

As soon as you have decided to book a holiday on Texel , you will feel a tingle of excitement running through your body. You will probably have some questions about how you can travel to Texel, if you can take your car onto the island or what other means of transport you can choose. You can travel to Texel by public transport and yes, you can also travel to Texel by car. If you intend to travel by public transport, you take a train to Den Helder and from there you catch a bus that will take you to the TESO ferry, which is only a few minutes drive away.

If you decide to travel by your own means of transport this is possible as well. As soon as you board the ferry, the feeling of being on holiday will begin. Some people call Texel the „Ibiza of the North“. On the ferry, surrounded by water and the wind blowing through your hair you will soon feel your body beginning to relax. The journey on the ferry takes approximately 20 minutes. It is a fantastic trip for young and old. If you have further questions, please go to www.teso.nl.